About us

This is yet another blog by some egotist who thinks their opinions are worthy of others’ attention.  If you agree, great.  If you don’t, move along.  Nothing to see here.

I have the naive belief that facts matter and, furthermore, that facts are in fact provable or else they are not in fact, facts.

Belief in non facts has become uncomfortably popular lately.  So here I aim to start a target range to shoot down popular non facts.

Nota bene: as is my right, before I ever got around to making use of this site I changed my mind. While I still believe what I said above, now this is yet another travelogue that should be of no interest to anyone but my friends and family.

All images used here are mine unless attributed directly below the image.  You may not use any of my images without my express prior consent.  If I have used a copyrighted work, please contact me and upon proof that you are the copyright holder, I will remove it immediately.